The Playhouse (About Us)

Hi, I am Natasha and live in Branson, MO.
I am a transplant (again) from Illinois, although, I grew up in MO just south of St. Louis.

I am a SAHM with a 1 1/2 year old son who thinks he is 13. Our home is his playhouse. We sing, dance, play pirates (in the pirate bed of course) and bang on pots and pans. Sometimes we nap.

Other people that live in his playhouse is his Daddy, paternal Grandpa and Step-Grandma. They manage to fit in time to play too.

His maternal Grandma (Nanee as he calls her) and Step-Grandpa live in CO. They tend to send him lots of books to read and other fun stuff too. He tends to call Nanee when things are not going right in the playhouse. hmm...

He also has a half sister Lily and a cousin Bella who live in St. Louis.

Me, well, I get to join in all the craziness too while working on a new health journey and keeping things running smoothly. This is where I get to blog all about it.

You see, everyone plays in this playhouse.