Sunday, July 20, 2014

What he wants

Hello, it's just Natasha this time. Parker is down for his nap right now. I wanted to write about accepting how it is.

Back story. Last year, Parker was only 11 months old, and I found the coolest bed ever. It's a pirate ship. I had so many thoughts about this bed, how I would decorate his room, what kind of toys he would play with... 
So I got the bed (and a pretty penny it was), and Christmas came, and he was so excited to play in it, on it.. He transitioned himself from crib to toddler bed, I had no work to do.

Fast forward 10 months later. We have moved and he has his own room, so naturally I want to decorate it. With him being so young, Jake and the Neverland Pirates are just as his age group AND goes with my theme. However, there lies the problem... it was MY THEME.

Since Parker was born, I have believed it was best to give him options, so he could establish himself as a person. Select a style shirt, but give him two or three colors to pick out from. Now Parker is 19 months old. He still loves his bed, plays on it every day. With his Mickey and Minnie. Parker doesn't want Jake and the Neverland Pirates, pirates don't interest him. He got a new fold out couch and I gave him the option Jake or Mickey... He wanted Mickey. Minnie Mouse is his best girl.

He doesn't care if the stuff animal he just got is pink or camo, he doesn't care if it's a princess or an army man. He knows what he wants. So it got me thinking.... Did I do wrong giving him options at such a young age? Am I spoiling him but getting him what he wants?

In my opinion I didn't. Yes, it sucks to want a whole pirate room for your little boy, and he wants something totally different. However, I believe I have set him up for individuality, in a world where everyone wants to be the same. I tried to put him in a box, and label it BOY 1-3 years.. Parker just wants to be KID, NO AGE SPECIFIED.  He knows what he wants and what he doesn't, I know 30 somethings who don't know that much.

The best I can hope for, is that he continues to grow and establish what HE wants, not what society expects from him. Stand up for what he believes in, not what people tell him he should believe in.

Just a little thought.

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